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Group Discussions

A better way for groups to gather

Bring members together for events, workshops, hang-outs, and more — and give them the power to host their own.

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Create a space for members to meet

From sign-up to virtual event hosting, Meetsy is the perfect home for once-off or recurring group meetings.

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How communities use Group Discussions

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Workshops & AMAs

In-event chat makes for seamless interactive sessions with community leaders, experts, or special guests.

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Regional hang-outs

Connect groups in similar time zones for casual socials at times that suit them.

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Self-hosted events

Empower your members to host events of their own, with no extra work for you.

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Group onboarding

Introduce new members to each other and help them find their way around with their peers for support.

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Virtual co-working

Help members stay accountable and increase productivity with group working sessions.

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Group mentorship

Think of Meetsy as your virtual classroom— gather groups of mentees to maximize learning time.

“Meetsy has allowed me to bring like-minded people together to connect and learn from each other.
The platform's features are explosive for relationship building!”
Tessa Kriesel
Founder, Devocate

Explore the magic of Meetsy

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Match Programs

Connect colleagues for one-to-one chats across functions, locations, and teams, based on the criteria you chose

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Set up scalable mentorship programs that match mentees to the best possible mentor to help them level up.

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Experience It

Join our Meetsy group to meet community industry peers and see Meetsy in action as a member.

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Say hello to workplace belonging. Say hello to Meetsy.

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