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Match Programs

Create meaningful connections

Connect members for one-to-one chats across niches, location, experience, interests — you choose the criteria.

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Create connections with powerful features

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Built-in video chat

Decentralized peer-to-peer video calling and state-of-the-art compression for low latency. Basically: crystal-clear, high-speed video.

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Simple scheduling

No more calendar gymnastics! Meetsy's calendar sync detects availability and finds a time that works for everyone.

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Once-off or recurring chats

Set matches up for a once-off virtual chat or recurring meetings at a cadence you choose.

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Conversation prompts

Add conversation prompts or choose from our library of 200+ fun, thought-provoking questions. Or add your own!

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Engagement data & analytics

Real-time, easy-to-read engagement data that makes the impact of your Match Programs simple to understand.

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Frictionless user experience

SSO, calendar syncs, and more mean the experience is easy (and fun!) for your members.

How it works

Design your Meetsy Match Program

Create a unique Match Program to connect your people based on in-depth criteria: role, team, location, interests, experience, goals, favorite color — it’s up to you! Set the match date and frequency, and add meeting prompts, or leave it to your team to choose their own.

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Invite your members to the program

When you do, members will receive an opt-in link via email or Slack. From there, they'll be guided through personalizing their profiles and answering your matching questions. It won't take them more than a few minutes!

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Meetings are added directly to calendars

Meetsy’s algorithm finds the best time for both people and schedules a meeting based on their calendars. No back and forth. No 'shuffling things around'. No rainchecks. Your members can opt out or change their frequency anytime.

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Matches meet, right on Meetsy

This is where the magic happens. Your people can unplug from their daily chaos and take advantage of an opportunity to learn from a colleague, get insight on a new project, talk about career growth, or just connect.

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“Meetsy has allowed me to bring like-minded people together to connect and learn from each other.
The platform's features are explosive for relationship building!”
Tessa Kriesel
Founder, Devocate

Explore the magic of Meetsy

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Set up scalable mentorship programs that match mentees to the best possible mentor to help them level up.

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Group Discussions

From sign-up to virtual event hosting, Meetsy is the perfect home for once-off or recurring group meetings.

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Experience It

Join our Meetsy group to meet community industry peers and see Meetsy in action as a member.

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Say hello to intentional connections. Say hello to Meetsy.

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