For communities of all shapes and sizes

No matter your community goals, we've got a plan to get you there. With Meetsy, you can get started for free, no strings attached, no credit card required.


Meetsy is completely free for up to 100 members! Start connecting your members today.
Create Group
Up to 100 members
Up to 2 match programs
Custom match rules
Built-in video chat


Take Meetsy to the next level with more members, audiences, match groups, meetings, etc.
Create Group
1000 members included
Unlimited audiences
Unlimited match programs
All free features


For those looking to leverage the full potential of their community through the power of connections.
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Contact Us
Unlimited members
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Dedicated CSM

Frequently Asked Questions

If you are hesitating, do not worry - we are here to explain
everything you might want to know. Let us help!

Who is Meetsy designed for?

Got a community? Whether it's an alumni network, an internal employee community, or simply a place where folks with shared interests gather, Meetsy can help foster deeper connections and build relationships between members. No community? No problem. If you're still building yours, or just want to connect a group of far-flung friends and family, Meetsy is for you, too.

How many members can Meetsy support?

Meetsy is built for communities of all shapes and sizes. On our free plan, you can add up to 100 members to your group, and our Premium plan supports up to 25,000. Got more than that? Our Party plan can host an unlimited number of members.

Can I create my own matching rules?

Of course you can! When creating your group, you can go with our matching criteria suggestions, or create some that are completely unique to your goals and community.

Do I have to manually configure matches each time?

Nope! We know community pros love a bit of automation (who doesn't?) so Meetsy will do it all for you. Sit back and watch your community connect.

It's quick and easy. Start for free.
Let's connect your people.