Meetsy for your Portfolio

Connect your founders and unlock
the value of community

Meetsy helps venture portfolios facilitate networking between their founders and executives.

Easily create stronger connections between portfolio founders
Increase the spread of knowledge in your portfolio
Enable your founders to be more successful together
“I look forward to my bi-weekly matches and I'm excited to connect with more people on Meetsy!"

Connect your portfolio

Meaningful connections can create incredible opportunities for your founders — but facilitating them takes time and resources investors often don't have. So why not let Meetsy do it for you?

No matter how widely dispersed and diverse your founders, Meetsy can help them find common ground — and move your company forward.

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Built with the features you need

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Complete customization

Make Meetsy your own. Customize your URL, logo, branding, and more with full white labeling.

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Control who can join

Create sign-up questions, screen potential members, and add sign-up restrictions.

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Robust match rules

Want members to match based on their role, location, interests, or something more niche? It's all up to you.

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Conversation prompts

Add conversation prompts or choose from our library of 200+ fun and thought-provoking questions.

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Segment your members

Create multiple member groups and run custom Match Engagements for each group.

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Built in video chat

Your members can meet directly in Meetsy, with high quality, decentralized peer-to-peer video calling.

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Quality Connections
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Time Saved

How Partnership Leaders increased member connections by 1,000%

“Getting up and running is easy, something you can do in an afternoon or less, so speed to ROI is high.”

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“Meetsy has done an incredible job at easily facilitating member connections and has helped our members build stronger relationships within the community!"

Alex Angel
CCO, The Community Club

"Meetsy has allowed me to bring like-minded people together, even though they all play different roles, to connect and learn from one another. The platform's features are explosive for community building!"

Tessa Kriesel
Founder, Devocate

"Meetsy is the go-to networking tool for Emory MBA students. It eliminates social bias by letting the unbiased system create unlikely introductions."

Jack Semrau
Emory Goizueta Business School

Connect your portfolio, build better companies