Meetsy for Teams

How innovative orgs bring their
teams closer together

Meetsy helps growing teams stay close through connections, mentorship, and an increased sense of belonging.

Create stronger connections between colleagues, interns, and new hires
Automate introductions for virtual coffee chats
Increase employee sense of belonging through inclusive mentorship
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“I look forward to my bi-weekly matches and I'm excited to connect with more people on Meetsy!"
Max Pete
Community Builder, SuperHi

Bring your team closer together through meaningful connections

The powerful feeling of belonging can't be underestimated when it comes to workplace happiness — but it's not easy to facilitate when teams work from different locations.

That's where Meetsy comes in.

It can connect colleagues based on everything from their role at work to personal hobbies — and help them make connections, build relationships and form lasting friendships.

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How teams use Meetsy

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Increase sense of belonging

Foster deep, meaningful connections between colleagues, even across traditional reporting or geographic lines.

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Understand working styles

With Personal User Guides, team members can easily understand how best to work with each other.

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Facilitate coffee chats

The targeted matching platform automates the introduction process and ensures more high-quality conversations take place.

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Manage ERGs

Use matching criteria to facilitate Employee Resource Group connections, and give them a place to meet, one-to-one or in small groups.

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Onboard new members

Welcome new team members with a special onboarding that includes connecting with their peers — with no extra work for you.

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Enhance employee experience

Make connecting with colleagues part of your company culture to facilitate stronger bonds and create a happy, welcoming workplace.

Integrate with your existing tools

“Meetsy has done an incredible job at easily facilitating member connections and has helped our members build stronger relationships within the community!"

Alex Angel
CCO, The Community Club

"Meetsy has allowed me to bring like-minded people together, even though they all play different roles, to connect and learn from one another. The platform's features are explosive for community building!"

Tessa Kriesel
Founder, Devocate

"Meetsy is the go-to networking tool for Emory MBA students. It eliminates social bias by letting the unbiased system create unlikely introductions."

Jack Semrau
Emory Goizueta Business School

Bring your people together.