Connect your community, one introduction at a time.

Create a group and Meetsy's AI will introduce your members for weekly 1:1 video chats.

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How It Works

Share your group URL

Members sign up, answer your membership questions, and set their introduction settings.


Meetsy will introduce your members for curated 1:1 video chats

Meetsy's AI introduces members for 1:1 video chats based on their preferences. ("Kara, meet Sam! You're both product managers interested in x, y, z...")

Sit back & watch your community grow

Track weekly growth as members meet, learn from each other, and engage with your community.


The best communities create connections

Facebook and Slack groups are great for announcements and group discussion, but they’re not designed to generate meaningful 1:1 connections.

Meetsy cuts through the noise and centers your community around what's truly important: forming new relationships.

Members join your group, set their introduction settings, and start getting connected for curated 1:1 video chats. Easy peasy.

You're in control

Complete customization

Customize your URL, logo, branding, and more.

Control who can join

Create signup questions, screen potential members, add signup restrictions.

Create match rules

Want members to match based on their profile attributes? Easy peasy.

Guide the conversations

Add conversation prompts or choose from our library of 200+ fun and thought provoking-questions.

Advanced matching algorithm

We understand what makes a connection meaningful — and so does our matching algorithm.

Encrypted video chat

Decentralized peer to peer video calling with state of the art compression and low latency.

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Built for...

Alumni Networks

Build connections within universities, accelerators, and bootcamps. Surface networking and career opportunities.

Interest Groups

Automatically connect Meetup, FB, and private group members weekly. Put community engagement on autopilot.


Automatically connect attendees year round. Increase sign up numbers. Get advanced insights into audience.

It's quick, easy, and free.
Let's connect your people.