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“Meetsy has allowed me to bring like-minded people together, even though they all play different roles, to connect and learn from one another. The platform's features are explosive for relationship building!
Tessa Kriesel
For your team
Increase the sense of belonging in your organization by automatically connecting team members with each other for one-on-one conversations.
For your community
Create more value for your members with fully customizable matching programs to help them network and connect.

Create stronger, intentional connections between colleagues

Meetsy’s matching tool introduces colleagues across teams, departments, and geographies to create stronger bonds and an increased sense of belonging in the workplace.

You set the matching criteria and our platform handles the heavy lifting — it’s time to ditch the spreadsheets and email follow-ups and give more time back to those high impact conversations.

Onboard new employees with ease & set them up for success

Welcome new team members with an automated onboarding system that connects them with their peers — with no extra work for you.

A new teammate checklist ensures that new hires start building strong relationships from their first day. With an easy-to-follow dashboard, team leaders can make sure everyone gets the strong start they deserve.

Structure and scale employee mentorship programs

Mentorship has always been a key tool in talent and career development — but setting up and scaling a structured program is challenging and time-consuming.

Meetsy’s mentorship feature automates mentor-mentee pairing, simplifies scheduling, and tracks results so you have all the data you need to support a successful program.

Built with the features you need


No need to remember another password. Access Meetsy via a magic link, code, SSO, or Slack.

Automated scheduling

No more back and forth scheduling. Calendar sync detects availability and schedules a time that works for everyone.

Engagement data & analytics

Real-time, simple to read engagement data for company leaders to understand the people-impact of Meetsy programs.

Conversation prompts

Add conversation prompts or choose from our library of 200+ fun and thought-provoking questions.

Built in video chat

Decentralized peer-to-peer video calling with state-of-the-art compression and low latency.

SOC2, GDPR, Privacy focused

Meetsy was built with enterprise level data sharing, employee privacy, and GDPR compliance on top of mind.

Integrates into your HRIS, SSO, and Calendar Systems

How it Works

Create & share your first Match Program

Create a robust matching program to connect your people based on in-depth criteria: role, team, location, interests, experience, goals, favorite color — it’s up to you! Set the match date, frequency, and add meeting prompts.


Opt-in & choose matching preferences

Receive the opt-in link via email or Slack and take
2 minutes to answer matching questions and choose
your ideal connection freqeuncy.

Receive a meeting directly on your calendar

Meetsy’s algorithm finds the best possible connection
and schedules a meeting based on mutual calendar
availability. No back and forth. No cross referencing
your calendar. Opt-out or change your frequency
anytime. Easy peasy.


Meet your match & submit feedback

This is where the magic happens. Unplug from your daily chaos and take advantage of an opportunity to learn from a colleague, get insight on a new project, talk about career growth, and connect on a human level.

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Fully automated

Partnership Leaders increased member connections by 1,000%

“Getting up and running is easy, something you can do in an afternoon or less, so speed to ROI is high.”

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“Meetsy has been a pillar of Gong’s community strategy right from the start. It’s a tool we couldn’t do without!"

Nisha Baxi
Head of Community, Gong

"Meetsy has allowed me to bring like-minded people together, even though they all play different roles, to connect and learn from one another. The platform's features are explosive for relationship building!"

Tessa Kriesel
Founder, Devocate

"Meetsy is the go-to networking tool for Emory MBA students. It eliminates social bias by letting the unbiased system create unlikely introductions."

Jack Semrau
Emory Goizueta Business School

Bring your people together.